Simply, Superior.

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 Amber’s range of next generation, solid–state, smart products are seamlessly integrated with the electrical infrastructure of today’s homes and buildings.

With products like smarter outlets, smarter switches, and NEW, first ever, smart GFCIs and smart circuit breakers, Amber creates a truly safer, smarter and dramatically fuller function IoT eco-system. Amber delivers all of this uniquely from within the size footprint of the single standard electrical gang box throughout every home and building.

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Amber Smart Switches

Amber’s smart, touch display switch provides control and intelligence over your entire home. While occupying only a single gang-box, it provides the core intelligence and monitoring over your lights, while providing advanced occupancy sensing for safety, security & more.

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Amber Smart Outlets

Amber’s smart outlet’s combine safety with intelligence unlike anything available. Through a combination of power metering and safety features, like over-amperage and harmful gas sensing, it will give you insight over your appliance, while keeping you safe.

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Amber Smart GFCI

Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are important life safety devices meant to stop harmful levels of electricity from passing through a person.

Most countries require these types of receptacles to be in all bathrooms, kitchens and garages, due to water posing the greatest risk. The problem, studies have found, is that on average 20% of GFCI’s nationwide are no longer functional and will not recognize that a person is getting electrocuted.

Amber Solutions has developed the world’s first solid-state GFCI, providing intelligence and connectivity for the first time ever. The products will alert homeowners of trips and unit end of life, increasing safety, reliability and effectiveness of a GFCI receptacle.

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Amber Circuit Breakers

Amber has integrated its technology into the foundation of your home’s electrical infrastructure – the circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker provides not only the power to your whole home, but also provides key lifesaving functions to reduce the chance of electrical fires.

Amber is bringing solid-state technology into this archaic framework to provide energy metering, enhanced safety as well as advancing these lifesaving functions by adding alerts and emergency shutoff.