A New Standard for Safer, Smarter,
More IoT Connected Structures.

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For Builders

Amber products enable builders to finally achieve the true smart home ready, smart building ready architecture without the hassle of multiple vendors, complicated training and special installers.

Amber products provide a uniquely smarter, more connected infrastructure – SmartReady (IoT ready) for whatever security, automation, or safety system that is added to the structure. Amber powered products’ enhanced solid-state architecture, make this infrastructure safer and more reliable than either traditional dumb products or today’s smart products wired into the structure.

Perfect for:

Creating smart home/smart building ready
infrastructure with new levels of safety, plus
enhanced smart sensor aggregation.

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For Electricians and Certified Contractors – Remodelers

Amber products are the easiest way for electricians and certified contractors to add smarter, more connected systems into homes and buildings. Amber products require no extra training, no additional certification and install in the same time as any traditional outlet, switch or circuit breaker. Yet Amber products enable a much more robust smart infrastructure that is smart home/smart building ready. Ambers portfolio is ideally suited for electricians and contractors to add smart home ready functions to the millions of bathrooms, kitchens, and larger home remodels annually.

Perfect for:

Easily adding a new level of smart home functions to
remodels and retrofits with the added benefit of
enhanced safety.

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Smart Products Manufacturers

Manufacturers and sellers of residential smart home and commercial access control systems find the addition of Amber’s safer, smarter, more connected products the perfect way to extend their ecosystem of sensors and control points throughout a home or building. This is key specifically for the newer systems leveraging more advanced artificial intelligence technologies, which greatly benefit from the expanded network of sensors embedded within Amber products.

Perfect for:

Creating a premium tier of multi-function smart outlets
and switches or extremely price competitive singular
function smart products

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Do-It-Yourself Consumers

Every weekend warrior “do it your selfer” will appreciate how easy Amber products are to install, requiring no extra time or skills than a traditional dumb outlet or dumb light switch. In addition, the enhanced safety and expanded smart IoT infrastructure enabled by Amber means a truly smarter home.

Perfect for:

Swapping out old, dumb outlets and switches or single function smart products for a safer, smarter and more connected smart home ready home